I am running for Congress because it is time for our government to work for all the people.

It is time for our government to invest in the well being of all its citizens.  For that to happen, we have to get big money out of politics. The people who represent us need to speak with the people's voice. Until that happens, we won't have the political will or the resources to tackle the important challenges we face. 

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Affordable clean energy is a necessity.

Let's embrace the challenge of climate change and the boom that renewable energy and energy efficiency provides. Clean energy brings good jobs, energy independence, national security, and lower energy costs for Maine. 

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It is time for Single Payer Medicare for All. This will save lives and reduce the cost of healthcare for businesses and families. When everyone has health insurance, our clinics and hospitals will have the resources to provide care to our rural communities, creating good paying jobs throughout Maine.



good paying jobs are a necessity.

We need good roads, improved rail systems, and high speed broadband and cell service. It is time to invest in the infrastructure that will protect and sensibly grow the fishing, farming, forestry, and tourism jobs that support so many families and communities in Maine.