Pine Tree Pledge

I believe that there is no more corrosive force in our government than the dark money flooding into campaigns from unaccountable sources enabled by the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court in 2010. This decision allows an unlimited supply of money from only a few donors to fund any campaign. Therefore some elected officials may' be accountable to a few donors (individuals and/or corporations). This lack of accountability to the many people these politicians nominally serve creates a government for the wealthy donor class with little interest in a government that benefits us all.

This is wrong and undemocratic. Every successful campaign should have broad financial support from their constituents. Therefore, in the interest of running a positive and affordable campaign based on the merits of differing ideas on how best to represent the people of Maine and improve our shared government,

I pledge:

 •       To limit all financial contributions to my campaign at the federal contribution limit of $2,700 per election cycle from individuals.

•       To only accept contributions from non-profit organizations or "political committees" that transparently show that they raise 10 percent or less of funds from corporations.

 •       Self-funding loans to my own campaign will be limited to twice the federal limit per election cycle from me.

•       To reject independently funded expenditures advertising direct support for me and/or my campaign from sources that do not meet the above criteria.

•       And to cooperate with all campaigns who sign the Pine Tree Pledge to limit the influence of third-party expenditures in the campaign. We further pledge to overturn Citizens United and support Clean Elections at all levels if elected to represent the  people of  Maine in the House or the Senate.

Signed- Jonathan Fulford 

Date       12/14/17