Statement of Principle: We are strongest when we treat everyone with respect and equality. We reject the attempts to divide us through fear and prejudice.  I will fight alongside those who seek justice and work with everyone for the common good.

Awareness: Recognize, acknowledge and oppose all racism, harassment, discrimination and violence towards all people, including women, LGBTQ, and indigenous peoples;

I propose the following steps towards a more open and free society:

→Create federal cabinet-level agency to promote and protect civil rights;

→Restore Obama-era Justice Department efforts on law enforcement reform;

→Un-privatize prisons at all levels; focus on restorative justice and job training of the incarcerated; Implement the best practices from Portugal and Norway which have much lower recidivism rates. End the “War on Drugs” and mandatory sentencing which have not worked and have unfairly targeted people of color and low income people

→Reform immigration laws to prioritize accepting refugees and asylum seekers fleeing instability and violence caused by military and economic disruption. Support the implementation of DACA and a path towards permanent legal status for DACA recipients.

Support adding language to the Violence Against Women Act to include Penobscot and Passamaquoddy tribes having the right to use tribal courts for non-natives accused of crimes on native lands and waters.