I look forward to hearing more from this man of the people as he campaigns across the 2nd District taking his message of hope, his common sense, and his conviction that hardworking men and women deserve a congressman who can represent the best in us all. Fulford is the real deal.

Andrew Stevenson

SOmeone i can trust

Jonathan Fulford is someone who has worked, lived and contributed as a small businessman in Maine for more than 30 years. Someone who understands being middle-class in Maine. Someone I can relate to.

A candidate who has pledged to not take money from corporate political action committees or their lobbyists. A candidate who is free from manipulation and influence by money donors. A candidate who can freely work for the people of Maine. Someone I can trust.

Hank Reisner

Deep roots in Maine

I recently attended a Democratic event in Houlton and was very impressed with Jonathan Fulford, who is running to represent the 2nd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. I especially liked his clear focus on creating good-paying jobs and supporting Maine businesses by improving broadband and cell phone service in our rural communities. He also advocates for making health care available to everyone, increasing the energy efficiency of Maine homes, and developing low-cost renewable energy to create jobs and reduce the impact of climate change.

Fulford is down-to-earth person who has deep roots in Maine’s traditional economy and values. Having worked as a farmer, carpenter and home builder for more than 30 years, he knows what it takes to run a business and pay a living wage that can support a family. 

Bruce Glick

Fulford's your man

It’s refreshing to meet Jonathan Fulford. He genuinely shares my values and my small business common sense, and I believe that he is the best candidate for our 2nd District congressional seat.

Fulford wants to hear what you have to say. He’s the only congressional candidate to earn the endorsement of the “Berniecrats” of Maine. He is on fire to make real change benefiting regular people.

If sensible banking regulations seem long overdue, if tooling-up for solar and wind energy and growing our forest-based energy and building materials industries is good news to you, work to elect Fulford. If equitable taxation, lower property taxes, debt-free higher education and quality affordable health care for everyone seem obvious to you, Fulford’s your man.

David White

Genuine Respect

How fortunate we are to have such a great lineup of candidates running to replace Bruce Poliquin for Maine Congressional District 2. A representative in name only, he has not been serving the people of eastern Maine. It’s time for him to go — and what a refreshing change, feeling torn between good candidates rather than which of the abysmal ones would be least damaging.

While Jared Golden and Lucas St. Clair are both fine young men with qualities and experience that would play well in Washington, their values and priorities don’t align as well as Jonathan Fulford’s with my concerns as an eastern Maine resident and small business owner: sustainable jobs that support our way of life; affordable health care; an economy supporting the middle class; clean energy; and, most of all, climate change and protecting our environment.

After more in-depth conversation with Fulford at a recent house party, I am convinced he is the candidate who shares all these concerns. With 20 years experience as a construction business owner and employer, he genuinely respects and listens to people, welcoming different perspectives of constituents around this far-flung district. Hearing him speak and respond to questions, I was impressed with his well-thought-out goals, good sense, clear communication, accessibility and down-to-earth approach to problem-solving. The man has integrity, vision, good energy and a sincere desire to serve our best interests as rural Mainers. The fact that he will not accept contributions from corporate PACs or corporate lobbyists (having signed the Pine Tree Pledge) means more than any campaign promise.

We are doubly blessed that Doug Bunker has stepped up to run against Larry Lockman to represent House District 137 (northern Hancock County and along the Airline). Lockman’s extreme views are out of step with the Maine I know and love. While not a resident of his district, it’s a place I care deeply about and hope for someone worthy of trust and respect to represent it.

Here are two honest, forthright working men with positive vision and integrity, dedicated to a better future for the people of eastern Maine. Let’s make sure they get into office!

Jane Crosen Washburn