I am voting for Jonathan Fulford for Congress because I trust his integrity. Jonathan's values are rooted in the soil of Maine. As a carpenter and farmer, he understands the economic needs of Maine people. His positions on renewable energy, school funding and job security are sensible. 

It is not often that I find a politician so down-to-earth and approachable. I have been impressed by Jonathan's kindness and deep caring for our citizens. He has my vote.

Lynne Kaplowitz


As a builder, Fulford knows how much work it is to make old Maine houses more energy efficient, and he pointed to that and installing solar as big job opportunities. He spoke of the need for single-payer health care as the best way to make it affordable for small businesses to offer health care to their workers. 

Charlie Crane


I am voting for Jonathan Fulford to run against Poliquin. Fulford’s calloused hands speak to the fact that he is a worker. I see him in the grocery store pushing his grandchildren in the cart. I know he has pledged to take no corporate PAC or lobbyist money.

Fulford didn’t go to Harvard, but he can tell you all about the fastest-growing economic sectors in Maine. He understands science, and he is willing to face the challenges and the opportunities that climate change presents. Fulford is the way politics should be. He is not bought, and he will not sell us out.

Martha Conway Cole

Fulford would make a good replacement: 

Jonathan Fulford, on the other hand, has a clear and concise political agenda — good jobs and expanded investment in infrastructure to support them, universal health care, and clean energy to combat climate change. He is a problem solver and a hands-on worker. He is open and transparent. He is one of the few candidates nationally who won’t accept money from corporate PACs and special interests.

A longtime resident of Waldo County, he reflects the solid values and openness to change that have made the area an impressive model for careful economic development and welcoming new people and ideas.

Democrats in the Second District have a tough choice in the June primaries, with a handful of good candidates. But just think of what you don’t like about Bruce Poliquin, and a vote for Fulford will make perfect sense. I’m in a hurry to cast mine. Jay Davis 

The voters of the 2nd District deserve a congressional member who truly represents and reflects their needs, hopes and aspirations. Someone who understands what it is like to earn a living here, with a positive message, who will listen to their constituents and who welcomes the opportunity to serve. Such a candidate is Jonathan Fulford.....Fulford recognizes that politics has become a club of millionaires, lobbyists, and ethically challenged panderers to corporate interests. He is an advocate of good government, clean elections and dedicated to injecting more transparency in government. He advocates passing a nationwide Clean Election Act for all elective offices and overturning Citizens United — money is not speech and corporations aren’t people.

Finally, he believes in wise military policy: investing in our veterans, not new wars or inflated, ineffectual arms programs.

I will be voting for Jonathan Fulford in the June primary. Greg Rossel