Universal Healthcare

Healthcare is a necessity. We support:

  • SINGLE PAYER Universal health care for everyone

  • Universal senior care

  • Women's Reproductive Rights

  • investment in opioid addiction prevention & treatment


The calculus is simple: providing more people with better health care will require more skilled health care workers. Hospitals that don't have to spend resources trying to collect on individuals’ unpaid bills will be more solvent and able to invest in better facilities and equipment. Demand for these services will lead to more jobs in construction and manufacturing. Healthier citizens and more jobs! Universal single payer (or Medicare for all) will lower administrative costs by more than 30% and will keep our rural hospitals and health centers open to serve people in their home communities.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) – “ObamaCare” – helped millions of Americans gain affordable health insurance for the first time. The ACA's biggest flaw is its dependence on private health insurance companies. Their profit-driven model introduces unnecessary costs, raises premiums and prevents all Americans from having affordable health care. We must remove the private health insurance industry from being the main provider of health insurance to Americans.

Medicare works – it provides the lowest cost and most efficient basic level of health care to our senior citizens. Private health insurers thrive by providing recipients with extra-levels of coverage. Let's work for a universal healthcare system that champions women's reproductive health and provides prevention and treatment for people struggling with addiction.