“The following are my basic positions on gun safety issues.  While I own guns and I respect the people’s rights we can certainly take common sense steps to make our communities safer and to push back against the gun lobbyists and the politicians, like Bruce Poliquin, that they have purchased with their donations and expenses on their behalf. I will not take corporate PAC or lobbyist money and will not take what are known as ‘dark funds’. We can and we will protect our children and our communities. ”

I support federal universal background check at point of sales with no exceptions. This includes all private sales or transfer of possession (including sales made at gun shows).  

I support restricting high capacity magazines.

I support banning bump-stocks, trigger cranks and any other devices to increase the firing rate of semi-automatic firearms to mimic fully automatic fire.

I am opposed to loosening the restrictions on silencers.

I am opposed to loosening the restrictions around possession of guns and ammo near schools.  

“All people, including responsible gun owners, care about our communities and our children. We know that this is more about the gun manufacturers desire to sell weapons but we, the people, support gun safety. “