Economic Fairness

National $15/hr minimum wage with increases tied to inflation

National initiative to promote employee ownership of their businesses

Defend labor organizations in every industry

Require A mandatory “claw back” of any federal, state or local job creation incentives that are not delivered as promised

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Support for good jobs doing good work should be the focus of everyone in the public sector, especially those elected to represent us and our neighbors. When the wealthiest among us are not asked to pay their fair share, this fundamental inequality creates divisiveness and polarization. Civility breaks down. Economic stress benefits only those who can afford to shield themselves from it.

Labor is a fundamental cornerstone of our economy. A minimum wage must reflect the minimum amount needed for a person to provide for their own needs – it cannot be the minimum amount of money a business can get away with paying for their labor. Beyond a minimum wage, workers must have a collective voice in how their labor is used and what it is worth.

When tax payers are asked to directly subsidize a corporation's offer to build or expand a private means of production based on the promise of new jobs, those taxpayers expect a company to deliver on the jobs promise, or to return the subsidy that they received.

I am running for Congress because it is time for an economy that works for everyone.

It is time for government to invest in the well-being of its citizens and build a fair and prosperous economy with jobs that pay enough to live on. We need more freedom and more opportunity to support ourselves, raise our families, and live together in peace and prosperity in our communities.

For too long we have provided tax cuts to the rich and to big business believing it would deliver the jobs, healthcare, and energy we need for a better life. Instead, tax cuts delivered a diminshed middle class, and now too many Maine families struggle to make ends meet.