Climate Solutions

Affordable clean energy is a necessity. We MUst:

  • Restore The Clean Power Plan and expand it to The transportation sector 

  • Remove tax breaks and other subsidies for fossil fuel production

  • Reverse tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, USING part of the proceeds to renovate homes and buildings to a carbon neutral standard

We know that we must address climate change immediately. We know what we have to do to slow climate change, and every year technology moves the price of renewable energy ever closer to being competitive or cheaper than fossil fuel energy. We know that there are more skilled good paying jobs in sustainable energy power generation than in coal extraction and burning (2.3x more solar jobs than coal). We know that the true cost of the impact of burning fossil fuels is not incorporated into the commodity price. A cleaner future with better paying jobs is a plan that works.

There are many actions immediately impacting climate change that I support. For example: US cropland currently sequesters only 8.4 metric tons of CO2 annually when it has the potential for up to 100 metric tons. The Farm Bill must include incentives for farmers to reach their carbon storage potential by making sure crop residue and animal manure re-enters the soil, which also improves soil fertility, reduces erosion, and increases resilience to droughts and floods. Maine's (and other states') extensive tracts of private and public owned forests should be managed with carbon sequestration as a priority. Investments can also be made in wood products -- such as Bio-char -- that can produce energy, eliminate biomass waste, build soils, and sequester carbon.