Mainers deserve elected officials who are accessible and accountable, who listen, and who have the courage to take a clear stand.

I'm Jonathan Fulford, progressive Democratic candidate for Maine's Second Congressional District. I've been a farmer and a carpenter for over thirty years. I have run a construction business focused on energy efficiency, and I have always paid a living wage. I have seen the importance that a decent job makes for people to succeed. My wife is a midwife, running a birthing center in Bangor. Our four children all live in the 2nd District with our five grandchildren. They are farmers, builders, and parents.

We are part of the fabric of Maine. If we rise to the challenges of our times we can meet those challenges and create good jobs. Establishing single payer Medicare for all means cost savings while we create jobs and save our rural hospitals. Answering the challenge of climate change means job creation we haven't seen since FDR. This campaign is about creating a better life for all.

My commitment as your future Congressman is to make our future one of abundance, justice, and peace, with healthy and meaningful lives for all. This is a campaign for the future of the people of Maine. Together we can build a more prosperous and fair world.



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A rising tide lifts all boats. Join Jonathan and our team as we take our government back for the people of Maine.

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